Bright Starts Cozy Coos Deluxe Pacifiers
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Cozy Coos - Deluxe™ are adorable plush characters with a very important job - they help manage baby's pacifier. Thanks to the help of a soft, beanbag body, Cozy Coos from Bright Starts™ help babies keep their pacifiers where they belong - in their mouth and off the ground! Their size and shape are made for little hands to grasp. The Contour Comfort Pacifier™ was created with the guidance of a pediatric dentist and thanks to the special, one-piece design, helps eliminate dirt and germs from hiding in cracks and crevices. This medical grade pacifier is 100% silicone, and attaches securely, but is easy to remove for cleaning. You and baby will both love the benefits of having one of these cozy plush by your side. Set includes 1 Cozy Coos™ plush, 1 protective cover for pacifier, and 1 additional Contour Comfort Pacifier.

Easy to Clean

Strong, durable plastic is easy to clean


Made with medical-grade silicone


Fabric character is machine-washable. Pacifier is dishwasher safe.