Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty - Green
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Custom comfort features help make potty training easier.

Here’s a simple, obvious, but often overlooked potty training tip: A potty that helps little ones feel comfortable, secure and relaxed helps make potty training easier! With two adjustable potty chair heights (so it’s not too small or too tall), arm rests to hold, and a comfortable, high seat back, Custom Comfort Potty helps little ones confidently get on and off the potty, and feel secure, comfortable and relaxed while they’re sitting, too! The built-in splash guard for boys helps prevent potty training mess and stress, and the one-piece removable bucket and smooth-surface design makes clean up a breeze.



  • Two-position height adjustable for a custom comfort fit
  • Armrests and high seat back help little ones feel secure
  • One-piece bowl easily removes for easy clean up
  • Integrated splash guard for boys

Height adjusts for custom comfort!

Your child will be sitting in the height of comfort for potty training with this high-back chair that you can adjust to his size. The Fisher-Price® Custom Comfort Potty offers two adjustable chair heights that let you create a custom fit, arm rests for easy sittin’ down and gettin’ up too, and a high seat back so your little one can sit back and relax comfortably and securely.

Makes training and clean-up a breeze!

Fisher-Price® Custom Comfort Potty helps make potty training easier by helping kids feel comfortable, relaxed and secure. And clean-up is just as easy! The one-piece bucket removes for easy empty, rinse & clean, the smooth surface is easy to wipe clean, and an integrated splashguard helps prevent mess!

Toilet training tips & tricks

Using the potty is a big milestone in your child’s development. Some kids feel comfortable on the potty right away, but others may take a little longer. Making kids feel comfortable, secure and relaxed is key to successful, non-stressful training. They’ll be feeling like a big kid in no time!